The Rare Karuizawa Whiskies


Karuizawa is a historic Japanese whisky distillery, which opened in 1955 in a vineyard in Miyota – at the foot of an active volcano,   Mount Asama. At 850 meters above sea level, it was the highest distillery in Japan.


The distillery was tiny and the aim was traditional, small-scale production to create quality whiskies. Karuizawa used 100% Golden Promise barley, wooden washbacks, small stills and sherry casks sourced from Spain.

Karuizawa’s whiskies are perhaps the closest you’ll find to the Scottish malt style in Japan but they still had their own unique character. The water was filtered through lava and the distillery also experienced very hot summers and extremely cold winters which resulted in a different maturation profile.

Unfortunately, the distillery was mothballed in 2000, and closed completely in 2011. Since then, whiskies (often single cask releases) have slowly appeared on the market while becoming ever more collectible, and its expressions have since risen in rarity and value.


   One of the oldest vintage : Karuizawa 50 Years Old 1965 – Bouborn Cask 8636 (bottled 2016)

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Macallan Masters of Photography: Magnum Edition

20180825 The Macallan Masters of Photography Magnum Edition

The Macallan has revealed its seventh Masters of Photography whisky.

In collaboration with Magnum Photos, a global photographic cooperative.

The Macallan Masters of Photography: Magnum Edition celebrates the construction and opening of the new Macallan distillery and visitor experience through never-before-seen imagery and a liquid inspired by the photographers.

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The world’s foremost red wine-grape variety.

cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most famous red wine grape variety on Earth. It is rivaled in this regard only by its Bordeaux stablemate Merlot, and its opposite number in Burgundy, Pinot Noir. From its origins in Bordeaux, Cabernet has successfully spread to almost every winegrowing country in the world. It is now the key grape variety in many first-rate New World wine regions, most notably Napa Valley, Coonawarra and Maipo Valley.

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M Chapoutier Ermitage

M Chapoutier Ermitage

Chapoutier, one of the oldest names in the Rhone valley. Founded in 1808 by the Calvet family. It was sold to the Chapoutier family in 1855. The Calvet family sold the company to focus on their large, expanding negociant firm in Bordeaux. Polydore Chapoutier was the first of the Chapoutier family to head the company, and the only head of the firm not to have a name that started with the letter M. That tradition began with the next generation, started by Marius Chapoutier.

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Bond Estate

Bond Estate Wine

Bond Estate showcased their portfolio’s consistently stunning quality and made their unique qualities easy to appreciate.

2017 marks the unofficial 20th anniversary of Bill Harlan’s Bond project, which the Bond website describes as “A portfolio of wines that are diverse in their geographic representation and ‘grand cru’ in quality, all under the umbrella of one philosophy, one team, one mark.” Like Harlan Estate and its owner’s more recent Promontory endeavor, the Bond project grew slowly and organically.

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Burgundy Wine

Burgundy Wine
Burgundy is one of the most romanticized wine regions in the world.
The historic stretch of land traces its winemaking roots back more than 2,000 years, and is ground zero for some of the most coveted (and expensive) producers like Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Henri Jayer, and Domaine Armand Rousseau.

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Pairing traditional sake with non-traditional delights

Sake Pairing

Sake is an incredibly unique, enigmatic, and versatile beverage that can compliment food just as wonderfully as wine.

Mentioning “sake”, most of us will picture our imaginations together with the old Kyoto architectures, ladies in kimono, the fresh and delicious sashimi, with the scents of woods, rice-made alcohols. Surprisingly, they can go very well with local delights, evoking great deals of mouth-watering sensations that we have never been trying or imagining it! Can’t wait to KANBAI the shot of the well-chilled sake with the irresistible sumptuous feast:

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Bordeaux Second Growth

Bordeaux 2nd Growth Selection

Bordeaux’s second growths—traditionally a haven for Bordeaux drinkers who are wary of first-growth prices.

To give you an idea of the variances in price between the First Growths and Second Growth Bordeaux at the time, First Growth Bordeaux wine was trading for more than 3,000 French Francs per barrel. While Second Growth Bordeaux wine was selling for an average of 2,500 and 2700 French Francs per barrel. If only the spread was that close today!

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