Pairing traditional sake with non-traditional delights

Sake Pairing

Sake is an incredibly unique, enigmatic, and versatile beverage that can compliment food just as wonderfully as wine.

Mentioning “sake”, most of us will picture our imaginations together with the old Kyoto architectures, ladies in kimono, the fresh and delicious sashimi, with the scents of woods, rice-made alcohols. Surprisingly, they can go very well with local delights, evoking great deals of mouth-watering sensations that we have never been trying or imagining it! Can’t wait to KANBAI the shot of the well-chilled sake with the irresistible sumptuous feast:

Junmai Daiginjo (純米大吟醸)

>60% polished rice | Pure rice without distilled alcohol

A premium grade sake that is delicate and refined with a fruity aftertaste. Best paired with other premium food ingredients such as uni (sea urchin) or hotate.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Abalone, Truffle fries.

Daiginjo (大吟醸)

>60% polished rice | With distilled alcohol

Fruity taste with a refreshing aftertaste. Best enjoyed with an aperitif or with strongly flavoured dishes.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Fish and chips, kuning fish served alongside Nasi Lemak.

Junmai Ginjo (純米吟醸)

>40% polished rice | Pure rice without distilled alcohol

Light, fruity and complex flavour. Best paired with food with lighter taste. Traditional pairing include Japanese garlic rice and -don (rice bowl) dishes.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Fried rice, roti prata, popiah.

Ginjo (吟醸)

>40% polished rice | With distilled alcohol

More fruity and lighter than the junmai version. Smooth and easy to drink.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Prawn mee, laksa, curry noodles, mala steam boat

Tokubetsu Junmai (特别純米)

>40% polished rice | Pure rice without distilled alcohol

Recommended for first-time sake drinkers. The taste of rice lingers after a sip. Contrasts well with delicate dishes such as steamed snow crab or edamame tofu.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Chili crab.

Junmai (純米)

>40% polished rice | Pure rice without distilled alcohol

A rich full body with intense, slightly acidic flavour. Goes well with grilled items such as toriyaki, barbeque mushrooms and tempura.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Satay, barbecue chicken wings, Chinese fried dumplings.

Tokubetsu Honjyozo (特别本醸造)

>30% polished rice | With distilled alcohol

Still considered a premium sake. Typically served as a house pour at Japanese restaurants. Light on the palate. Can be served warm or chilled but is usually served warm in Singapore.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Char kway teo, Hor fun.

Honjyozo (本醸造)

>30% polished rice | With distilled alcohol

Also served as a house pour at Japanese restaurants. Goes well with foods that are lighter in taste.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Fish soup, steam boat.


Unpasteurized sake that needs to be kept chilled and drank as soon as possible. It has a refreshing taste and pairs well with lighter food and desserts.

Suggested non-traditional food pairing: Chocolate, mashed potato, orange slices and strawberry.

Credit: http://www.rwsentosablog.com/beginners-guide-to-japanese-sake/

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