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Sake Amabuki Daiginjo Nakagumi 720ml

S$280.00 S$196.00
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To attain only the pure condensed flaor of the rice's core and the elegant aroma derived from preciuous yeast, this is a delicate and dignified brew. The natural Shizuku drip process of separating the sake from the mash is used to capture the prime of the fermenting mash. Only 200 bottles are produced of this high grade Daiginjo anually.
Prefecture: Saga
Rice Type: Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing: 40%
Alcohol: 18.5%
SMV: +5
Food pairing: Pair with oysters on a half shell, raw bar, sashimi and lightly steamed shellfish. This lovely daiginjo will enhance the light and umami rich flavours of fresh seafood.