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Joh Jos Prum Riesling Kabinett 2012 - 6bots 750mlx6

Germany, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer

S$588.00 S$499.00
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Although the Prum family were well established as viticulturists and winemakers, having been tending vines along the banks of the Mosel since the 17th Century, the Joh. Jos. Prum estate only came into being in 1911, when the family vineyards were divided into two. The original estate, which owed much of its existence to Sebastien Alois Prum, was divided between two grandchildren, and the share taken by Johann Josef Prum is the one that interests us here. The other portion of the estate still exists today, under the name of SA Prum. Following its genesis with Johann Josef as curator, the estate was then tended by his son Sebastien Prum and subsequently by the current incumbent, the next generation, Dr Manfred Prum, who took control in 1969. All three have been responsible in their own way for building up and consolidating the reputation of the estate to the level that it possesses today.