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L'Atelier Antibacterial drying mat 952421

S$49.00 S$39.20
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Thick microfiber towel-sponge, sewn with antibacterial silver yarn, the Drying Mat drains off the water from the glasses and the decanters that you just hand-washed under warm water.
The silver yarns of the Drying Mat have disinfectant properties and curb the bacteria's proliferation. Silver is a natural antibacterial material which is commonly used in hospitals; it is thus no longer necessary to use detergent to wash your wine glassware. The direct contact with the silver yarns purifies the rim of the glass, and the entire glass if it is wiped with the Mat.
Extremely absorbent, the Drying Mat prevents drops from leaving traces on the glass and decanter rims and leaves them sparkling, without addition of any detergent. For an even more perfect finish for your glassware, using Crystal Cleaner microfiber glass cloth.