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Tai Hwa Sculpture Piggy Auspicious Small

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Tai Hwa Hand Carved Piggy Sculpture made in Taiwan.

In the Han culture, pig represents fertility, To business people, it symbolizes a wholesome prosperity and is an auspicious animal. Orange is a reddish orange round fruit. it is a charm and auspicious fruit. "Pig" and "all" are homophones in Mandarin; as are "orange" and "fortune". The artist has combined these two things to amuse the viewer and to represent that "fortune will follow all things"

Material: Iron Stone called "Maruishi stone" is aged between 2,000 to 200 million years in Taiwan. The stone gives high quality iron and because of the particular formation condition is very rare and expensive. The figurines are hand carved for details.

Dimensions: Length (8.4cm) x Width (8.4) x Height (12.8) cm
Weight: 0.929kg