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Sake Katsuyama Junmai Daiginjo Lei Diamond 720ml

S$2,275.00 S$1,590.00
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Feel the perfect beauty radiatng from the precious sake,
described as “LIQUID DIAMOND”
The creme de la creme of the Lei series, the Lei Diamond is truly a gem, exquisitely polished and refined in it's mouthfeel, yet bursting with umami richness that will allow it to stand to all types of cuisine. This series was especially brewed for the French market and is therefor made to accompany the richness and refinement of French cuisine.

Prefecture: Miyagi
Rice Type: AAA Ymadanishiki
Rice Polishing:35%
Alcohol content:16
SMV: - 30
Acidity: 2
Food Pairing: Pair with steak tartar, seared lamp chops, roasted duck, pan seared foei gras. However, don't limit yourself to french cuisine, this sake is suitable for fine Chinese cuisine as well.