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Sake Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo Vintage 2005 720ml

Japan, Japan

S$725.00 S$507.50
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Tasting Notes : 10 years of intricate cellaring and aging at low temperatures (-5 degrees celsius) - a new dimension of Ko-shu has emerged. Vanilla , honey & the smell of fig intersect, vintage golden hues with mellow aromas heightens the complexity of this vintage. A rich, full-bodied sake evoking sweetness that’s perfectly matched with acidity . With it’s big, silky mouth feel, this sake from the premium mizubasho series, you’ll pick up ripe melons and other tropical fruits and a touch of honey.

Alcohol : 16%
Rice : Yamadanishiki
Semaibuai : 50%
SMV : +4
Acidity : 1.6