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Sake Nabeshima Daiginjo Fukuchiyo 720ml


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Nabeshima is the clan name of a prominent Samurai clan of Kyūshū that controlled the domain of Saga from the late Sengoku period through to the Edo period. The Nabeshima name was taken by Shigenao Shōni [from the Shōni clan] in the late 15th century when he established himself at Nabeshima in Hizen Province, which today is part of Saga City. The Nabeshima clan played an important role in the region for centuries.
The Nabeshima Sake is Daiginjō made using Yamada Nishiki rice, often given the moniker ‘King of Sake Rice’. Most Daiginjō around Japan is made using this rice strain as it helps produce a fragrant Sake with a soft rounded flavour. Yamada Nishiki rice reliably produces a rice grain that has a consistent size and texture with a dense white core and a low protein content, however it can also be difficult to grow, so Fukuchiyo Shuzō has sourced the rice for this Sake from Okayama which is one of the areas that grows exceptional Yamada Nishiki rice.