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The launch of Macallan\'s limited edition art piece!

Posted: Apr 30, 2013

Categories: Wine & Liquor


<img data-cke-saved-src="\" src="\&quot;\&quot;" style="\&quot;float:left;" height:130px;="" width:230px\"=""> The Macallan Sir Peter Blake Pop Art Cocktail
23 April 2013, Sin gapore

Without a doubt the most remarkable Beatles’ cover that stands out in our memory is Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a pop-art collage of famous people (Marilyn Monroe, Carl Jung and Marlon Brando just to name a few), along with the legendary four band members. You may know Sir Peter Blake as the pop artist behind that memorable sleeve design, but did you know that he was also responsible for designing the labels of the first 12 bottles of The Macallan in 1926? You could say this collaboration was a long time coming.
To commemorate their partnership for the last eight decades and in celebration of Sir Peter Blake’s 80th birthday, the ‘Godfather of British pop art’ and The Macallan have released a limited edition art piece entitled ‘The Macallan and Sir Peter Blake celebrate eight decades’, a delightful oak box filled with eight special miniature whiskies. Each section is themed according to each decade from the 1930s to the 2000s with charming artwork and labels designed by none other than Sir Peter Blake himself, creating a treasure chest of nostalgia.
This trove of colourful artifacts is an ingenious way of cataloguing to say the least, and befitting of Sir Peter’s Blake’s pop-art history and personal art collection. For example, notice the personal touches such as the Wellington boots from the 1940s, representing one of his favourite Tom Thumb boots. We also love the tiny porcelain mouse representing the 2000s -- no prizes for guessing what it symbolizes. Of course, the Beatles make an appearance too.
The hefty price of S$10,000 per set may seem a little excessive for a mere whimsical collection of artifacts and miniature whiskey bottles, but when you consider that Sir Peter Blake is someone who’s been knighted for his contributions to art, its worth is probably invaluable in the eyes of any art collector. And with only 250 boxes for sale worldwide, including ten sets available in Southeast Asia alone, it is likely to fetch an even higher price in the future. Art investment or collector’s item, this box of treasures is certainly full of nostalgic charm.


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