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Fenjiu Silk Road w/box - 6bots 750mlx6

S$3,840.00 S$3,260.00
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Winemaker's note:
The liquor is plump and mellow, and the liquor is elegant and fragrant. liquor bottles use colourful reburning ceramics, and the sea, sailboats and tangled flower patterns
reproduce the prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road. This Fenjiu is a limited edition. It is the noble first choice for senior liquor lovers. It is a top favourite and gift.
1. Small batches of blending, three-thousandths of particularly high-quality ageing original baijiu are selected and carefully blended.
2. Ultra-high alcohol, richer aromatic substances, is most suitable for collection. The longer it takes, the more mellow the aroma.
3. Adopt high-end ceramic bottles. Because the ceramic bottle is breathable, the liquor body can better combine with oxygen and accelerate the ageing process. Chinese liquor can continue to age and become mellow after being bottled, which is different from that foreign wine must be ripe in oak barrels


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