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Sake Mizubasho Pure 720ml

Japan, Japan

S$150.00 S$105.00
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Nagai Shuzo, Gunma

Tasting Notes : World’s first & only Sparkling Sake which is made in 100% Methode Champenoise, in which the bottles go through secondary fermentation, are aged on sake lees and subsequently hand riddled. The finished product is beautifully effervescent with gentle bubbles, clean acidity and extremely pure.
With its excellent perlage & crisp finish, it’s great as an apeìritif & pairs brilliantly with sashimi or throughout a delicately balanced Kaiseki or Omakase meal.

Alcohol : 13%
Rice : Yamadanishiki
Semaibuai : 50%
SMV : 10
Acidity : 1.4