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L'Atelier Wine Tasting 8 Private Lessons- English & French 567111

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How can one identify the aromas of a wine? Why are some wines coloured red? What are tannins and what do they taste like? How can one get an idea of the age of a wine? What is a well balanced wine? How can I define what it is that I like in a wine?
These 8 private wine-tasting lessons were put together ny L'Atelier de Vin, with the help of David Cobbold and Sebastein Durand-Viel. They are Aimed at helping you to get to know and use some of the techniques used by wine professionals in their day-to-day work.
Once these assimilated, your pleasure will be increased and you will be able to relate new wines to your experience more easily. You will also find it easier to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with friends and family.
Each of the 8 private wine-tasting lessons is designed to be followed glass in hand.
For each lesson we suggest a selection of suitable wines
The 35 practical exercises are all quick and very simple to do at home
A lexicon will help you with some of the technical terms.


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